Rfxcel Partners with Ratio Exchange for the Federal Marketplace

rfxcel, the global leader in supply chain track and trace solutions, recently announced it is partnering with Ratio Exchange, the most sophisticated and intelligent federal government marketplace. This partnership will enable rfxcel to develop and accelerate new opportunities to deliver rfxcel’s market-leading solutions to the government market through Ratio Exchange’s smart market analytics, insights and broker network to create faster pathways to clients and customers. This partnership will offer new opportunities to connect rfxcel with a wide range of government customers with the urgent need of being able to ensure visibility, safety and security in their critical supply chains.

“We are excited to have Ratio Innovation Management (Ratio IM) as a partner in our business development efforts,” said Gregory Moulthrop, rfxcel’s Vice President, Worldwide Government Group. “Their unique approach to enabling growth for a company like rfxcel is a perfect fit for our needs. The Ratio Exchange will be a valuable tool to help chart our business development roadmap from identifying, qualifying and connecting with buyers to generating business intelligence reports. Further, their broker network is a tremendous value add to their offerings. We are excited about the opportunities we have to enable rapid growth for both our businesses.”

Based in Laguna Beach, California, Ratio Exchange pairs companies, partners, contracts and investment capital in order to simplify and accelerate business with the largest customer in the world, the U.S. Government.

“Ratio Exchange is pleased to have been selected by rfxcel to speed their solutions to market. We are especially excited about the focus of their products and services – to protect and sustain the health, safety, and security of the programs, processes, assets, resources, and people they serve across commercial, government, and non-profit business and delivery sectors,” said Michael A Farber, Managing Partner, Ratio Innovation Management – Ratio Exchange.

“The combination of rfxcel’s solutions and Ratio Exchange’s market analytics, insights, and intelligence create faster pathways to the clients and customers looking for innovative and effective ways and means to solve problems, reduce risk, and create real and meaningful value.”

“We will continue to work to provide critical solutions to address some of the most difficult, pressing, and potentially disruptive and damaging challenges of the day, such as the work we are doing together now to ensure that we can protect the COVID-19 vaccine supply-chain, and to support and ensure the management, maintenance and optimal allocation of vaccines as they become available.”

About rfxcel

Founded in 2003, rfxcel provides leading-edge software solutions to help companies manage every aspect of their supply chains, lower costs, and protect their products and brand reputations. Blue-chip organizations in the life sciences (pharmaceuticals and medical devices), food and beverage, worldwide government, and consumer goods industries trust rfxcel’s signature Traceability System (rTS) to power end-to-end supply chain solutions in key areas such as traceability, environmental monitoring, regulatory compliance, serialization, and visibility. The company is headquartered in the United States and has offices in the EU, Britain, Latin America, Russia, the Middle East, India, Japan, and the Asia-Pacific region.