rfxcel, the global leader in supply chain track and trace solutions has been selected by the Ohio Department of Veteran Affairs to support their Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance needs for dispensers. The VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System Pharmacy Service will utilize rfxcel’s track and trace technology to comply with the regulations set into place by the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013. Included in the act is the DSCSA, which requires dispensers of prescription medications, such as the Department of Veteran Affairs, to meet certain requirements of tracking prescription medications through the pharmaceutical global supply chain.

Under the DSCSA, the Department of Veteran Affairs is required to track transaction history, information and statements, and to validate its authorized trading partners’ licensure and authorization on an ongoing basis, including serialization and tracing of products to the individual unit level, and report any suspect products to the FDA,

In selecting rfxcel’s DSCSA Compliance Software, the Department of Veteran Affairs is now able to meet these requirements through rfxcel’s automated software solution. The rfxcel DSCSA Compliance Software not only enables the VA to track medications throughout the entire supply chain, but also provides significant cost savings in redirecting soon-to-expire products to sites that will use them faster, as well as enabling patient recalls to be tracked down to the specific patient level in the inpatient wards and clinics. This allows for more precise distribution channels and ensures the delivery of the correct products to the correct areas to best meet the needs of veterans being served through the VA.

“rfxcel’s compliance software will enable the Department of Veteran affairs to meet all DSCSA regulations as well as meet the critical global supply chain requirements of visibility, safety, security and confidence at every stage of the supply chain”, said Greg Moulthrop, Vice President, Worldwide Government Group, rfxcel. “Nowhere is the capability we are providing more important than in helping to serve the needs of our veterans and play a role in enabling the VA in Ohio to ensure they are delivering the right medication to the right person at the right time, and that the medication is exactly what it is meant to be and where it is meant to be.”

As a premier vendor providing Track & Trace Security solutions to governments for high value products across multiple complex industries and global supply chains, and specifically for products that impact public health and safety, rfxcel is committed to ensuring complete visibility, safety, security and confidence for its global government customers.

rfxcel’s Worldwide Government Group may be contacted at gov@rfxcel.com or by calling (925) 824-0300.

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