• Accurate Immunization Management
  • AIM is a turn-key, stand-alone product to track & trace vaccines throughout a global supply chain
  • AIM is an integrated technology solution that provides real-time data on all products in your system
    • Where it is located
    • What its environmental condition is
    • Verifies that the product is what it is supposed to be


  • AIM gives complete geo-location awareness on a single screen as to where your products are at all times
    • In a warehouse
    • On a truck
    • On a ship
    • In a hospital
    • And also alerts in real-time if they are not where they are supposed to be
  • AIM continually verifies the product, by serial number, every time there is a change of custody
    • Manufacturer
    • Wholesaler
    • Distributor
    • Retailer
    • Point of Patient Injection
    • Data is immutable
  • AIM prevents counterfeits from entering and staying in the supply chain
    • AIM gets the serial numbers of the products from the manufacturer
    • AIM identifies if there is an inappropriate or redundant serial number within the supply chain – which allows for removal of the fake product
    • No counterfeits can reach the patient
  • AIM prevents spoiled products from reaching the patient
  • AIM integrates with sensors that travel with the products throughout their journey to the patient point of injection Spoilage
  • The sensors detect temperature fluctuations during supply chain transport
  • Real-time alerts are sent to the system to allow for:
    • Mitigation of the threat by immediate temperature adjustment
    • Salvaging of the product by temperature adjustment
    • Identifying potentially spoiled product for further testing
    • removal & disposal of the product from the supply chain
  • Spoiled products do not reach the patients

Integration & Installation

  • AIM is agnostic & integrates with any existing health or supply chain technology
  • Installation is quick & simple
  • AIM can be installed in 60 days
  • AIM can be integrated with the rfXcel Tracking System rTS for a more robust, complete solution that complies with DSCSA

AIM Benefits to the Government

  • Know where all vaccines are in the national system
  • Be able to re-route vaccines on-the-fly to meet critical needs or hotspot of outbreak
  • Be able to simply and clearly track vaccines from multiple companies concurrently
  • Know that the Right Vaccine is going to the Right Person at the Right Time
  • Know that a multi-stage vaccine is being injected on the right time line – red screen at point of injection alerts to vaccines that are outside of their schedules
  • Know that counterfeits will not enter the supply chain
  • Know that spoiled products will not reach the patient
  • Control dissemination of vaccines to the public, military, veterans and Native American medial systems in one simple, coordinated platform, led by CDC/FDA/HHS

Custom Offerings

  • Can be built on Blockchain to enable smart contracting
  • Artificial Intelligence can be built in to collect anonymized patient data at the point of injection, for return to the control entity to determine extent, location, and effectiveness of vaccines
  • Verification of product origin, safety, and appropriateness can be offered down to the patient phone/device level


  • Primary competitor in this boutique space is Tracelink
  • Single tenant on the cloud hosting per client
    • Tracelink has multi-tenant hosting which creates problems during upgrades and patches
  • Excellent on back-side engineering
  • Good customization
  • Leader in government markets
    • Tracelink is not really playing in the Federal space
  • Total Quality Management
  • Only company with a proven, deployed vaccine-specific solution


There aren’t many solutions like AIM on the market to track vaccines because there is an assumption among vendors that EHR systems are able to fulfill the need making it not something that is in demand in the marketplace.

We understand that vaccine programs such as the CDC’s childhood vaccine program and what will be needed to address COVID-19 response could benefit from a niche product like AIM because EHR systems don’t work well in a setting where there is a high volume of the population being vaccinated.

There are two primary EHR systems on the market 1) EPIC and 2) Cerner and generally only established hospitals or large clinics can afford either.

A product like AIM that is affordable for any type of treatment facility would be better suited for tracking the vaccinations of the public en masse because we could integrate with EHR systems eliminating the cost barrier.

AIM would essentially serve as a centralized repository and we’d connect to the EHR systems and push/pull data to/from a patient’s permanent health record (if required/necessary) but could also be a standalone solution depending on how a COVID-19 tracking program is desired to be pushed out to the public.

Further, EHR platforms do not have the ability to handle the “track-and-trace” component like we do whereas we can not only track vaccinations down to the patient but can ensure that the vaccinations were handled correctly, followed the chain of custody as expected and didn’t exceed temperature thresholds or become unusable in any other ways. Therefore, can offer insights and data that ensure accountability, transparency and can quantify the effectiveness in ways we haven’t done before.


For More Information, Please Contact:
Greg Moulthrop | VP | Global Government Group