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Lives depend on the integrity of your global supply chain.

rfxcel is the global leader in supply chain track & trace technology solutions for the immunization and pharmaceutical industry. It is the only immediately deployable turnkey solution that meet the critical global supply chain requirements of visibility, safety, security and confidence at every stage of the supply chain in order to ensure the vaccine or medication being delivered is precisely what it is supposed to be, delivered at the right time, to the right individuals, safely and under the right conditions.

When absolute confidence is required

Accurate Immunization Management (AIM)

+ Confidence in the visibility and full transparency throughout your supply chain
+ Confidence in the safety and security delivered from real-time environmental monitoring at every stage of your supply chain
+ Confidence in the safety and security of real-time identification of fraud and theft to ensure the integrity of your supply chain
+ Confidence in the knowledge that the right vaccine or medication is going to the right person at the right time at the end of your supply chain
+ Confidence in the reliability of a fully interoperable solution across all existing databases, systems & sensors in your supply chain

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Critical Infrastructure

Acquire, Prioritize, and Respond to Catastrophic Disasters


Strengthen networks that distribute goods and services
rfxcel ensures the lifeline of the public and private sector supply chain has the tools to prioritize food, pharmaceuticals, and other critical supplies during a catastrophic event.


Critical capabilities, situational awareness, and emergency services
Focused measures are needed to backstop the public and private sectors during catastrophic events. rfxcel enables services that make supply chain networks resilient.


The question is when — not if — a catastrophic event will happen
The complex reality is that modern-day supply chains are vulnerable to attack.
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